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Are you ready to up level?

Do you have a burning desire to reach a certain athletic level? Do you spend your spare time cyber-stalking the athletes you look up to? YouTubing every drill ever invented pertaining to your sport?  Searching incessantly for performance hacks? Like if want to buy protein powder, you will search until you find the top of the line, cutting edge, organic, environmentally friendly, Beyonce-esque protein powder? 

Maybe you aren’t as obsessive as I was as a child, but even then, it’s nearly impossible to tune out implicit and explicit messages from our environment:

“If you’re aren’t about to yak after your workout, then you aren’t working hard enough”

“If you want to lose your love handles, then drink this kale smoothie.”

“If you don’t have THIS body type, then you are not an athlete.” 

“If you want to make it to the top, then you have to… 

  • HUSTLE AND GRIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • take no days off

  • make sacrifices

  • give your blood sweat and tears

  • _________ (fill in the blank with any advise making you feel like you have to change who you are)”

From social media to the internet, television, books, coaches, teammates, friends,  parents, teachers etc. we are constantly bombarded with information about how to achieve our athletic endeavors and be successful in life.

Information-overload can be incredibly overwhelming and lead to a lot of confusion about which path to follow to reach your dreams.  What team should I play on? What kind of extra work should I do? What kind of food should I eat? 

From playing at the professional level for six years,  I’ve observed that there are common habits and practices amongst top performers. But there is no one “right” approach. 

Ever athlete has their own motives and purpose for playing their sport, therefore different methodologies will align with their soul.

Arrow Living is about finding your unique recipe. The one that lights you up inside, makes you confident in your decisions, and inspires you to take deliberate, committed action to play in a way that feels true to YOU.


This mentor program might be for you if you feel like you are:

  • Hustling harder than everyone else, but still not seeing results 

  • Passionate about your dream, but not sure what steps you need to take to get there 

  • Questioning, WTF am I doing with my life and am I even on on the right path?

  • Overwhelmed and have constant thoughts about moving to a remote island and living in the wilderness with the monkeys for the rest of your life

  • Caught up in self-doubt and insecurities that you aren’t playing to your potential 

  • Feeling crazy and like you are the only person who has an incessant Negative-Nancy in your mind telling you that you are a pile of dog crap

  • Moving at a sloth’s pace towards your dreams

  • Thinking that nothing you do is good enough 

  • Constantly comparing yourself to Sally and Sue and Shakira and Somalia and any other person that isn’t you

  • Afraid you will put all this effort into your dreams and not accomplish them 

  • Straight up stuck



Kendall is one of the best people I know. She has always been someone I could talk to about anything. The advice she gives is always thoughtful and extremely honest. There isn’t anything Kendall does with out pouring everything she has to offer into it. She cares enough to not be scared to say what you might not always want to hear. She’s already been a great mentor. She is someone I admire so much. She doesn’t make excuses and will achieve what she is after
— Allie Long, Olympian, World Cup champion
In the world of professional athletes, you are surrounded by self-motivated people who are all working to a varying degree of “obsessive” to push themselves as hard and far as they can physically, mentally, and psychologically go. This doesn’t even begin to describe Kendall’s approach to all aspects of life. She lets nothing slip through the cracks and has a natural ability to put her passion to practice. Anyone who sits down in a conversation with Kendall will leave smarter, challenged, and with their perspective on life considerably altered.
— Emily Menges, Portland Thorns player
Few people have positively impacted me on or off the field as much as Kendall. She has a unique ability to help elevate all of the lives she comes in contact with. Through her own pursuits, triumphs, and trials, she has accumulated a wealth of different approaches to professional and personal growth. It is impossible to spend time with her and not walk away as a better version of yourself.
— Michelle Betos, NWSL Goalkeeper of the Year
I met Kendall at a challenging time in my life, and from the start, I felt comfortable sharing those challenges with her. After I first opened up to her about it, it was easy from then on out because she always helped me see my feelings are valid; my experiences and my story are my own, and I can make them to be what I want. She helped me find the beauty in times of struggle and she somehow managed to respond to my life hurdles, and her own, with an open mind and a good laugh. She has helped me to believe life works for us, not against us, and my life has become better for that. She is an amazing teacher
— EJ Proctor, University of Duke soccer captain

Program Deets

Each athlete is unique, and as such, Arrow Living Mentor program will be personalized to fit the needs of each individual.  In this 3 month, 1 on 1 intensive program, we will get intimate. Like, put on your bath robe, light some candles, play some jazz music, Nicki Minaj, Pink, Ariana Grande…whatever gets you feeling your feels.  I will hold space for you as we dive deep into what is holding you back from playing and living a life that fills you up.

We will touch upon recovery techniques, physical training, and whatever else you wish to improve upon, but the real work will come from digging deeper than that.  

In this program we will:

  • uncover the behaviors and beliefs that are holding you back from playing and feeling your best in your sport

  • create routines and habits that are in alignment with how you want to play and feel in your sport 

  • learn how to harness your feelings to play in the most fulfilling way possible 

  • craft a plan to pursue your dreams in a way that genuinely feels exciting to you 

  • get in touch with your inner guidance system, the one that will naturally lead you to where you are meant to go 

  • discuss tools to help you stay motivated and confident, regardless of what obstacles comes your way


This 3 month Program Includes:

  • Once a week, 55 minute mentoring call via Zoom or in person (if local) 

  • Follow-up email after every call

  • Weekly assignments and reading to enhance each session 

  • Email access to me in-between sessions

  • Customized daily journal

  • Customized pre-game workout journal 

  • My undivided attention, support, and love to empower you to wholeheartedly pursue your dreams 

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Well if I’m being 100% honest, I don’t know you yet, so I can’t confidently answer that. But if you’ve read this far, then I’m guessing you’re curious.  And if I’m being 600% honest with you, my ultimate goal is to NOT  mentor you. Because though I don’t know you, I can 7032805%  honestly tell you that you already have every single thing you need to play and live life in a way that lights you up. 

But, if you’re like I was, you may feel like in order to reach your dreams you need to “fix” something about yourself. 

I spent years exploring different diets, workouts, thinking positively,  scheduling out every hour of my day, repeating positive affirmations, visualization, …every single self-help hack I learned about, I tried. And yet the benefits seemed to be only temporary. 

I burnt myself out- incessantly searching the internet, podcasts and seeking gurus, mentors, specialists- trying to fix what was preventing me from being healthy and playing my sport the way I knew I was capable of. 

I didn’t start feeling like myself again until I found specialists and mentors who weren’t trying to “fix” me, but simply guided and held space for me as I did the work myself to reclaim my personal power.

Diving deep into this inner-work has changed my life. 

I created this program because I know the importance of someone to hold me accountable, call out my nonsense patterns, and truly support me throughout my challenges.  We are all so worthy of playing our sport and living our life that lights our soul on fire.

It’s my deepest desire to help guide you towards your biggest aspirations in a way that allows you to stay 909485235490% true to YOU in the process.

My Career:

  • 6 years of professional soccer in the NWSL and overseas 

  • NWSL Championship with the Portland Thorns

  • NWSL Shield Winner with the Portland Thorns 

  • Selected 12th overall in the inaugural NWSL draft

  • Represented US in the U20 World Cup in Germany

  • Defensive Player of the Year at University of Portland 

  • 2 x Oregon Gatorade Player of the Year

  • 2 x Oregon High School Champions 

A few of the things I have dealt with throughout my career: 

  • being cut from a team 

  • being the star player

  • dealing with pressure from players and coaches 

  • feeling unvalued by coaches 

  • doubted by peers

  • season-ending injuries (ACL tear and concussion)

  • not achieving goals I set out to reach

  • achieving goals I set out to reach 

  • winning championships 

  • losing championships 

  • playing in the zone, where everything feels effortless 

  • bouncing back after poor performance 

  • low body confidence

  • struggling with my identity outside of my sport 


Are you transform into the full on dream-slaying goddess within you?

*My insights come from personal experience throughout my 20 plus years of playing soccer and obsessively analyzing human beings. I am an incessant learner with an insatiable hunger to play and live in the most fulfilling way possible. I have learned through my own research, experts, podcasts, courses, books, classes, mentors, and intuition.

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