37-Amandine Henry-On moving to the US, mistranslations, and fake tans

In today’s conversation I interview French national team footballer Amandine Henry. Amandine signed her first professional contract at 17 years old. She’s competed in 3 UEFA Women’s Champions League finals, was the recipient of the Silver Ball award in 2015, awarded to the the second best player at the FIFA Women’s World Cup. She’s played most of her professional career with Lyon in France, but recently finished her second season with the Portland Thorns, helping the team win the 2017 NWSL Championship.Amandine arrived in Portland hardly being able to speak English, but after two season’s abroad, she was able to do this entire interview in English, with only a few misunderstandings.In our conversation we talk about:

  • how Amandine learned english, and the funniest mis-translations with the team

  • the experience playing with boys teams up until age 13

  • the time during her career when she thought about quitting soccer

  • why Amandine doesn’t believe in setting goals

  • how she cooks all of her meals at home with a robot

  • why coming to Portland was the best experience of her entire soccer career, even moreso than playing in a World Cup and winning champions league

  • and she answers several fan questions, both in English and in French

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