39-Caitlin Foord-on sacrificing the “little parties in between for the bigger party at the end”

In today’s episode, I interview Australian national soccer team member, Caitlin Foord. Caitlin grew up a 2 minute walk from the beach in Lake Illawarra, New South Wales, Australia. Before Caitlin took up soccer, she participated in athletics, touch football, and surf life saving. At age 9, Caitlin played in her first soccer game at age and scored 6 goals. She hasn’t stopped netting goals since. Caitlin scored a goal in her first appearance with the Matildas. At 16,, she was the youngest Australian player to play in a World Cup and was voted the Best Young Player of the tournament. Caitlin has played in the the Australian W-league with Sydney FC and Perth Glory, in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) with Sky Blue FC, and is is currently playing in the Japan Women’s Football League  with the Vengalta Sendai Ladies. In our conversation, we talk about-the biggest differences between playing in Japan, USA, and Australia-the times she had to sell chocolate bars at school to afford to go to soccer tournaments-the sacrifices her mom, a single parent, made to help Caitlin pursue soccer-why Caitlin hates warming-up-her experience with being burned-out from soccer, and the strategy she used to fall back in love with her sport-why she thinks the Matildas' world ranking has continued to rise-her love affair with music festivals, her dog Peach, and ChipotleAnd more.Enjoy, my conversation with Caitlin Foord!  Show Notes:48 Who is Caitlin Foord  Sky Blue FC2:50 Caitlin’s adjusting to the Japanese culture6:40 Caitlin’s Japanese team - Vegalta Sendal7:24 How does Japanese soccer style compare to US/Australian?11:40 Cailtin’s early soccer travel and struggles of homesickness16:00 Cailtlin’s childhood home,  Illawarra17:40 Cailtin’s young star in soccer v. touch football21:55 Her mom’s single parent support and selling chocolate bars to pay for      tournaments27:23 Australian Nat’l team call up at 16 years old.32:10 Cailtin’s favorite game35:38 Her ability to separate soccer from other aspects of her life40:29 Has she ever been burnt out from soccer?43:20 Are their training things that Cailtin doesn’t like?45:29 Caitlin’s morning routineBrittney Cameron@bcam0047:01 Caitlin’s free time activities48:15 Caitlin’s biggest misconception about herself50:28 Is Caitlin a go with the flow athlete or an overthinker?51:50 Her biggest accomplishment52:45 What does she want to accomplish before she retires? And how does she want to be remembered?53:45 Caitlin’s pregame body and mental prep54:30 How does she deal with a bad game?56:13 Best opponent and best teammateChristie Rampone@christieramponeSam Kerr@samkerr159:38 Best game day chants1:00:39 Biggest life lesson from playing soccer1:01:55 How does Caitlin eat a taco?1:02:58 One simple tip for female athletes1:04:22 Caitlin Foord Follow Caitlin:On Twitter: @CaitlinFoordOn Instagram: @CaitlinFoordCaitlin’s obsession with her dog Peach (Instagram: @BrindlePeachShare the loveIf you haven’t already, I would be so very grateful if you rated and left me a review of the podcast. It takes two minutes! Here’s what to do.

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