Goalkeeper Michelle Betos' Diving Header Goal was No Fluke

“I mean Allie just played a perfect ball. I said a couple prayers right before and it just happened. I have literally no idea.”

Goalkeeper Michelle Betos’ response to her unbelievable diving-header equalizer goal is fitting for a humble player like herself. However, it’s not the full truth.  The combination of Michelle’s wide-eyed, open-mouthed facial expression and the 15,214 fans wildly cheering, makes it appear as though everyone in the stadium was in utter disbelief of what they had just witnessed. That may have been true for the spectators, but Michelle knew she was going to score weeks before it happened.

Two games prior, we were in a similar situation playing at home against Houston. We were down a goal with the clock running out. The ball went out for an offensive corner kick. As an all-out Hail Mary-esque attempt to score a goal, we heaved every player, including Michelle, into the box. Unfortunately we were unable to come up with the equalizer.

After the game, we were in the locker room and Michelle told a few of us that when she ran up for the corner she was absolutely convinced that she was going to score. As a goalkeeper, and having never practiced finishing, Michelle knew she had no logical reason to assume she was going to score, but she truly felt it deep down inside.

And then two weeks later, in a rowdy, jam packed Providence Park, it happened. We were down a player and a goal, with one minute left in stoppage time. Michelle glanced at our coach to get the thumbs up to get in the box for an attacking corner. Allie bent in the ball, and it deflected off a defender for another corner. This time, Allie perfectly drilled the ball into Michelle’s direction. Michelle took a few quick steps to adjust her positioning, and then dove, flying with all of her momentum into the ball as it connected with her head.

A sensational diving header goal by goalkeeper Michelle Betos in the 94th minute of stoppage time.

A minute later the whistle blew, and the team, as well as an ecstatic fan, mauled Michelle to the ground. The entire crowd chanted “Be-tos!” Then she was microphoned up for her interview.

“I mean Allie just played a perfect ball. I said a couple prayers right before and it just happened. I have literally no idea.”

Yes Allie Long played a perfect ball. Yes I’m sure Michelle said a few prayers. But it didn’t just happen. Michelle had a gut feeling that she was going to score a goal.

Deep-rooted beliefs are one of the most overlooked assets we have as humans. Time and time again, we hear of people having these convictions that come to fruition.

In the last Super Bowl, the Seattle Seahawks were in a prime position to score a touchdown and secure the win. But rookie New England Patriot Malcom Butler intercepted Russell Wilson’s pass which ultimately led to his team hoisting the trophy. In a post game interview, Butler said “I had a vision I’d make a big play.”

Bill Gates had a vision of there being a computer in every home and that this technological device would single-handedly change the world. Nothing of this sort had ever existed, thus he had no logical reason to believe these things. Yet he believed it at his core.

Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant,  Oprah Winfrey, Mark Cuban…had deep, seemingly irrational beliefs, and they came true.

These successes are no coincidence. Beliefs are insanely influential. They give us confidence in what we are doing and guide our actions.  When we take our beliefs one step further, and not only believe them on an intellectual level, but also on an emotional level, they are a lethal weapon. When beliefs are charged with emotion, they provide us substantially more motivation to fulfill them. They allow us to disregard rational thoughts, and simply trust and follow our instincts. As a result, nearly anything is possible.

In the game prior, Michelle’s envisioned header goal didn’t come to reality, but her belief remained strong. Successful people hold their beliefs through all of their struggles and setbacks.


Last week, Michelle’s family exceeded their family data plan. Her mom asked Michelle if she had been using her phone more. In the background, her dad quietly chimed in, “Sorry,…it was me. I keep watching Michelle’s goal every 7 seconds.”  Idon’t blame Michelle’s dad. I’ve personally have watched the video 30+ times, admittedly in disbelief. The goal was brilliant. Undeniably, a special goose-bump inducing moment for all who were there.

But it wasn’t just a coincidence. Michelle fully believed at a gut level, despite rational thinking, that she was going to score. And when you truly believe something with all your being, anything can happen. Even something as crazy as a goalkeeper scoring a diving header in stoppage time.

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