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I have experienced some pretty rad moments throughout my career, including representing the United States in a U20 World Cup in Germany, getting drafted to play pro, and winning an NWSL Championship in my hometown.

Although these are some highlights of my career, I’ve also lost starting spots, felt unvalued by coaches, have been doubted by my peers,  and dealt with season-ending injuries. 

My recent three and a half year recovery from a concussion has completely changed my perspective on what it means to play sports. 

I am a massive believer that everything that happens to us is an opportunity to grow towards the highest version of ourselves. If we allow it to be, our biggest obstacles can serve as our greatest launch forward. As challenging as many of my recovery days have been, I genuinely believe my concussion happened FOR me, to serve a greater purpose.

I am deeply passionate about sharing my story to empowers athletes to embrace and harness every setback that comes their way.  

My speaking style is heart-centered, and intended to get my audience to feel connection and inspiration through the power of story. 


Topics I speak on:

  • Vulnerability 

  • Dealing with adversity 

  • Pursuing your dreams authentically 

  • Recovering and bouncing back from injury

  • Staying motivated during you lowest lows

  • Connecting with your WHY

  • Playing your sport in a way that feels good to you


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