Workshops and Webinars


Online Webinars & In-person Workshops

 I hold online webinars, in-person workshops, and speaking engagements for teams, schools, groups, and all female athletes on topics such as HOW TO:

  • create nourishing  pre-workout and game routines 

  • use setbacks as a way to launch you closer towards your dreams 

  • set goals that light you up 

  • deal with jealousy of other athletes

  • harness emotions to supercharge your playing experience 

  • stay motivated when you are feeling like a pile of cow poop

  • manifest your dreams 

  • increase confidence 

All of my webinars workshops take into account the fact that we are all such athletes and human beings. As such, my teachings are designed to empower YOU to design your athletic experience in a way that feels true to YOU. 

If you’d like to collaborate and schedule a workshop with me contact me HERE (Link to leave a message that will go straight to my email arrowliving1@gmail.com 

If you’d like to be notified when the next online webinar is taking place enter your email HERE (organize emails so there is a separate category for people who want to be notified about the webinars) 

-If there is a program that needs to be downloaded for webinars, can you set that all up? Or is there is another site that I have to use to manage my webinars? 


Bridge City Soccer Academy


Arrow Living has partnered with Bridge City Soccer Academy a women-led, Portland-based soccer academy to spearhead SOAR, their girl’s leadership and mentoring program. 

Every month, I will be facilitating workshops for female athletes (you don’t need to be a part of the academy) on a range of topics that will empower girls on the field and off. 

Topics will include self care, how to deal with injury, increasing confidence, college preparation etc. Our goal is to impart life skills, and develop young girls into brave, thoughtful leaders. 

Portland born and raised, I have played recreational, club, high school, college, and pro soccer in the Rose City.  Over my 20 years of playing, I have been coached almost entirely by men. BCSA is the program I wish I had. It’s an academy that has strong female leaders, is fiercely committed to individual development at all levels, and is dedicated to empowering young women to succeed on the field and off. 

I am soooo excited to be a part of something so dear to my heart.

Check out more information and how to participate in the BCSA’s SOAR workshops HERE.